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The Exclusive was created from a genuine passion for the people and their capacity of transforming the market, to further develop projects and business opportunities.


It is always a pleasure to publish a new edition, regardless if it is a market report. a business guide or a special edition, maybe now more than ever, proving again that against challenging times that the market is successful and wanting more.

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Energy & Sustainability 

These editions feature exclusive interviews with innovative leaders, managers, and academics while presenting both old and new opportunities in the energy market.


These editions are dedicated to covering manufacturing and industrial operations, including topics like supply chain management, production processes, and workforce development.


These editions include in-depth analysis of the latest tech gadgets, software, and digital platforms, as well as features on the entrepreneurs and innovators driving these industries forward.

Real Estate

These editions cover all aspects of the real estate industry, including trends, legal issues, and marketing tips.

Hospitality & Tourism

These editions are all about luxury travel experiences, from luxury hotels and resorts to fine dining and cultural experiences.

Business Elites

These editions feature iconic executive interviews, which profile some of the most accomplished leaders and CEOs. 


Our editorial sparks dialogues, our perspective resonates.


The Exclusive Business Guide is a high-end marketing and PR resource, specifically crafted to publicize investment opportunities to international markets, with the aim of fostering new partnerships, clients, and contracts via comprehensive details and information. Serving as both an inspiration and business development tool, this publication features specialized services of various companies, which are promoted in association with key market projects.


Our magazine serves as a national promotion tool for international players looking to expand their presence in Lebanon. Additionally, we are the premiere network for reimagined communities, innovations, and value-added services. The publication features exclusive interviews with innovative leaders, managers, and academics, while presenting both old and new opportunities.


Furthermore, we provide key figures, market statistics, news, and project status updates, serving as a vital B2B and B2C communication report to assist with corporate communications during crisis times and educate clients. 


A bespoke, product-focused business manual and source of inspiration, providing updates on key investment opportunities, with data available for clients, investors, and partners to share and research.


What measures can be taken to support the industrialists in terms of electricity shortage? The Lebanese industrialists have been facing numerous challenges for long years. Still, despite the incumbent hindrances
How would you define the strengths of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists? The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) represents the interests of the Lebanese Industrial body, voicing their concerns and
What is your outlook on the industry`s evolution in 2020 and your perspective for 2021? Lebanon has faced compounded challenges in 2020: Largest peace-time economic and financial crisis, in addition

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