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Brand positioning and project statement within a specialized product featuring premier projects and products from Lebanon and the MENA region.


Unparalleled marketing proposition encompassing an innovative editorial and research approach, delivered in the most comprehensive market guides, with a distinct commercial presentation. The publication offers direct B2B exposure to a diverse array of companies across various sectors, through an extensive matrix of events and controlled distribution targeted at offices, providing an unequalled opportunity for generating awareness, leads, and expanding business reach at a cost-effective rate.

Our goal is to create a dynamic global media brand that has a positive impact on and inspires the business world.

Our mission is to empower visionary entrepreneurs and executives who seek to make a positive impact on society by amplifying their ideas. We believe that the world's greatest companies are born from the desire to effect change. To that end, we are committed to expanding our people, products, platform, partners, philanthropy, and our network. Our goal is to become the premier global platform for leaders and aspiring leaders, curated with insightful content from the world's leading executives. We are dedicated to promoting growth, both for our clients and ourselves, and to creating a better, brighter future for all.

Founder and Publisher


Raluca is a senior executive offering a record of verifiable success in business startup, business strategy, business restructuring & rebranding with a proven ability to build and manage sales and profits effectively.

Founder and General Manager of World Elite Solutions Inc. - an independent media project including a broad range of media tools – Raluca’s journey initially kicked off in the world of financial administration in 2009 and has ever since succeeded in climbing up the organizational ladder by engaging in roles that span the whole spectrum of Business Management.

Raluca then went on to launch The Exclusive - a unique concept created under the umbrella of World Elite Solutions to promote businesses across the globe through a tailored distribution network focused on investors -, another step forward that has led her to garner more comprehensive expertise in publishing and B2B strategizing since launching the publication in 2018.

Raluca is now focused on expanding The Exclusive to the MENA region and diversifying the content and sectors the publication covers. Moving forward, she aims to delve deeper into the challenging world of clean energy and contribute to implementing innovative, scalable solutions.

A resource for news,

encouragement, and drive for accomplished decision-makers, managers, financiers, and innovators

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