12 April 2022
Beirut, April 12, 2022: During a press conference held at BDD, various business organizations and private sector associations launched an awareness campaign named “LEBANON OUTSOURCING
25 March 2022
A Light in the Darkness... Lebanon’s Bank Governor Riad Salameh just announced that the Central Bank will lift subsidies on fuel imports. An inevitable decision

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Recently, the bifacial panels started to gain strong momentum worldwide. The layout of the bifacial panel consists of five layers: tempered glass, EVA sheet, solar cells, EVA sheet and tempered Glass. . The tempered glass is located on both sides of the silicon which allows the system to harvest solar radiation from both sides of the system. The current research shows that the bifacial panels have the

ability to increase the power generation up to 25%, but depends on the surrounding infrastructure. The paper used MATLAB engineer tool to determine the solar radiation that reaches the front and back panels. The results clearly show the increase in the total radiation that reaches the solar cells which increases its outputs. The simulation is completed for a given panel orientation and tilts for different ground conditions.


"The usage of PV system advances the sustainability stand and reduces the electricity cost burden on farmers."



For the bifacial panels, the paper proposes vertical installation facing east and west. The distance that separates two rows could be in tens of meters which eliminates the shading factor of one vertical panel to another one. The figure below shows the proposed bifacial design for the farming system. The figure shows the vertical installation facing east and west. It is clearly showing that the land can still be utilized for farming purposes between the two rows. Depending on the land size, it is possible to install multiple rows which will divide the lands into section and the length of the section can be determined to suit.

The layout in the figure allows for the bifacial panels to capture the solar radiation from sunset to sunrise and expend the full operating hours of the system. The power output of the 900W bifacial system when it is placed vertically operates between the following hours:

· 6am and 9:40am at full capacity

· 9:40am and 10:30am above 75% capacity

· 1pm and 4pm at full capacity

· 4pm and 5pm full capacity for June- July and above 75% for the rest of the months


The paper addresses the design of standard and bifacial PV systems to meet the farming irrigation electrical demands. The usage of PV systems advances the sustainability stand and reduces the electricity cost burden on farmers. The standard PV system requires land to support the installation also it only offers maximum power toward midday period. While the introduced novel bifacial panel vertical layout reduces or eliminate the land requirements and offer wider operating hours. Also, the bifacial vertical system offers peak generation during early morning and late afternoon which is considered better watering periods. The outputs highlight the advantages of using bifacial vertical system over standard PV panels installations. The advantages include higher outputs power, longer operating hours, lower maintenance requirements and reduction in land requirements. These benefits where supported and verified by the case study.


10 February 2021

Bifacial Vertical Arrangements

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