26 March 2023

Energy is a manageable expense - perhaps your most manageable expense!

World leaders are moving rapidly today to face the consequences of climate change, which is an outcome of man’s interference in the nature of the Universe. One of the negative impacts globally and locally is consuming energy, in addition to other associated effects, and degradation of local environments in terms of poor air quality, degradation of soils, and industrial pollution.

On the other side of the story, positive approaches are taking place to save the planet through essential elements. Renewable energy is one of them, in addition to energy efficiency. What do experts say about that? And how important is the implementation of industrial energy efficiency? In this matter, we conducted a conversation with Eng. Mazen Shbaro, Founder and General Manager of Memo Sarl, a company specialized in MEP contracting works and energy management services.


What do we mean by energy efficiency?


Energy efficiency has many meanings, depending on the user. The strict meaning, however, is being used by engineers, in the form of “energy output to energy input.”

When we build energy-efficient systems, we use less energy, and we help the environment get rescued from the negative consequences, mainly mitigating future risks. That is, energy efficiency is parallel to the utilization of energy in the most cost-effective 

manner while conducting any energy-dependent activity.


Explain briefly the implementation of industrial energy efficiency.


Energy efficiency leads to sustainability, through energy consumption. In fact, the implementation of industrial energy efficiency helps companies reduce emissions, and industries become less 

energy-, resource-, and emissions-intensive and more competitive. It also improves the performance and cost-effectiveness of industry and increases the wider use of renewables and alternative energy sources. Hence, reducing the costs of fuel, production, and environmental damages.


How does industrial energy efficiency add to the profits of any company?


When we ignore the importance of energy efficiency, we are adding extra operating costs to any operation that is energy-dependent.

On the contrary, industrial energy efficiency reduces gas emissions and sets up the company to be profitable over the long term.

To prove that, I will refer to a study published in the “Journal of Economics, Finance, And Administrative Science”, and conducted during the period (1990-2012) over 75 net energy-importing countries. The study revealed that there is a positive and statistically significant relationship between energy consumption and economic growth over the long term, where energy consumption contributes more to economic growth as the import dependence of the country decreases.

Not to mention, all companies experience a lack of energy resources. Hence, they will either choose to accept low financial growth through production with the existing energy resources or attempt to increase growth by meeting the uncovered part of energy demand through imports. This somehow proves how important industrial energy efficiency is on the profits of any company or the economy of countries in general.


How is MEMO contributing to energy sustainability?


MEMO is a highly equipped contracting company, founded in 2002. It provides multi-services such as designing and building residential, commercial, and heavy engineered industrial plants. Recently, Memo has expanded its services to fulfil the trending market demands in the field of energy management solutions, vocational training services, and electromechanical services. Nevertheless, Memo is an expert provider for comprehensive customer-driven energy management solutions.

MEMO is a certified ESCO company too, hence our role combines both the consulting and contracting parts of energy solutions.

In addition to that, we have experts who have a proven track record in energy efficiency, which enables them to manage, implement, and deal with the measurement and verification of saving for all energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


As to our services in that matter, we provide:


  • Consultancy of energy efficiency audit for Industrial & Commercial environment.
  • Implementation of Energy Efficiency Solutions.
  • Cloud-based Energy and Resources Management Services.
  • Renewable Energy Solutions.
  • Assistance in project financing.
  • We also provide photovoltaic systems, solar hot water systems, heat recovery systems, energy monitoring systems, and lighting retrofit.


All the above is for the aim of saving money, saving energy, and saving the planet. That is, we save energy today, so as to survive tomorrow.

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