What measures can be taken to support the industrialists in terms of electricity shortage? The Lebanese industrialists have been facing numerous challenges for long years. Still, despite the incumbent hindrances
How would you define the strengths of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists? The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) represents the interests of the Lebanese Industrial body, voicing their concerns and
What is your outlook on the industry`s evolution in 2020 and your perspective for 2021? Lebanon has faced compounded challenges in 2020: Largest peace-time economic and financial crisis, in addition
World leaders are moving rapidly today to face the consequences of climate change, which is an outcome of man’s interference in the nature of the Universe. One of the negative
Beirut, April 12, 2022: During a press conference held at BDD, various business organizations and private sector associations launched an awareness campaign named “LEBANON OUTSOURCING OPTION”. This innovative and exciting
Somewhere, in North-Eastern Lebanon, near the Syrian borders, there is a small village in the Baalbeck-Hermel Governorate, called Qaa.  Until now, Qaa was known for things like the kidnapping of

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